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7 Workout Motivation Tips for Exercising Regularly

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

We all know no one can motivate us to work out but ourselves.

Valeria Sweet by Julian Juarez

Sure, you can have a trainer, but you're also motivating yourself by paying someone to do it. If you're just starting out or coming back to working out, I'd like to share what motivates me, and in return I'd love for you to share with me what motivates you!

(If the video doesn't load, watch it here.)

Please share this blog and video with a friend who might need an inspiration or motivation to work out! Let's get a buddy and get healthier together!

Thanks for watching the video and here is a refresher for keeps:

How to Stay Motivated to Work Out


1. The clothes.

2. An event.

3. The right time and place.

4. Music.

5. Fitness inspiration.

6. What you like.

7. Looking great and feeling better with each day.


Let me know in comments on Instagram @ValeriaSweetOfficial if you've learned something about clearing the collectibles or any questions you have!

Stay sweet, Valeria ♥

Valeria Sweet by Julian Juarez


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