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Contenders of the Last Will book cover by Valeria Sweet

YA Mystery Romance - Read Here!

Valeria's 4th book and Book One in Contenders series published 06/23/2023. 

In the sleepy town of Sibylline Hills, CA, a group of entangled teens, led by Valentina, finds the lost inheritance of a mysterious Victorian estate. They embark on a treasure hunt, only for the clues to lead to the Last Will's contenders, heirs, and trustees.

Contenders was originally written for TV, watch promo trailer below, click HERE for IMDb:

The Most Wanted One In The World by Valeria Sweet

Quick and honest self-help guide on meeting the One for those ready to meet the right person and strengthen their relationships - Read Here!

Valeria's 1st book published 08/23/2019. 

Through dating, studying and observing relationship psychology, as well as extensive coaching of others, Valeria's been led to help you find the right person faster. You'll want to try "the One"-manifesting exercise in this book!

Elle for Love (go to IMDb here) is a Romantic Dramedy pilot promo based on Valeria's book The Most Wanted One In the World: How to Be "the One" to Meet "the One."

Elle, the charming love life coach great at solving all relationship troubles, gets tangled when it comes to her own love life.

Book of Soulmates by Valeria Sweet

How can we prepare for the soulmate connections we’re meant to have? This self-development, relationship advice book helps illustrate all soulmate possibilities - Read Here!

Valeria's 2nd book published 04/28/2020. 

Drawing on a multitude of valuable cultural perspectives and detailing examples of different soulmate relationships, Valeria uses script excerpts from her mini-series Red String of Fate to further exemplify Red String of Fate coincidences, Karmic and Twin Flame connections.

Romantic Drama mini series Red String of Fate (go to IMDb here) is based on Valeria's Book of Soulmates.

On the last day visiting her hometown, Stella unexpectedly meets Max, whom she hasn't seen since she was a child. They take a walk through the awakening city and get reacquainted, but will those few hours be enough to believe in the legend of the Red String of Fate? The lives and souls of two reunited classmates get so intertwined that they are drawn to each other throughout the years. Ten years to be exact.

Red String of Fate - Mini-Series

Red String of Fate - Mini-Series

Red String of Fate - Mini-Series
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Accolades include US Hollywood Int'l Golden Film Award for Best Actress, Independent Talents International Film Festival Winner, Las Vegas International Film and Screenwriting Festival Finalist, Semi-Finalist in jellyFEST, Festigious Los Angeles, Los Angeles CineFest.

Monthly Manifestation Productivity Planner by Valeria Sweet

This yearly planner helps you through manifestation and specificity exercises. What you focus on expands, what gets scheduled gets done, and what gets measured grows - Start Planning Here!

Valeria's 3rd book published 12/21/2021. 

Each month has a dedicated journal prompt to help you focus on what's important in the present, your vision, your why, and goal-setting. Monthly calendar pages have space to write down your most important tasks under each day and track them as important, completed, migrated, or cancelled. As you fill the planner with your goals, watch your dreams come to life! Lots of room for journaling and note-taking. 

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