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You've successfully supported Contenders of the Last Will and Red String of Fate mini-series, which lead us to filming our next feature film!

Join Once in a Blue Moon in rounding out the funding to $80k and come on as an early Producer to the slate of Oscar-qualifying projects!

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Currently in Pre-Production. 

Two young Hollywood co-stars' new romance blossoms amidst the backdrop of the pandemic, changing their lives forever.

Writing Accolades:

  • Second Rounder, ScreenCraft Film Fund Spring 2022;

  • Quarterfinalist, Filmmatic - Pitch Now Screenplay Competition;

  • Quarterfinalist, Screencraft Screenwriting Fellowship

"You depict the life of film sets during the early days of the pandemic very accurately. The "behind the scenes" view of how film sets work, mixed with the viewpoint of the two main characters, is vivid and detailed."

- ScreenCraft reader.

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