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Self-Care Techniques and Coping Mechanisms

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

If you’re anything like me, these past three weeks of June got the last juices out of you. Whether it’s pure Covid situation, change happening through the BLM movement, protests, riots, wonderful and innocent people passing away, holding space for people, or whatever else you’re going through on your own — if energy affects you and your mood, you might feel tired, exhausted, out of sorts, not like yourself. It might feel like constant anxiety or ptsd if you’re in areas close to epicenters. You might have breakdowns or try to keep it together until you can’t. You want to be there for everybody, and yet you feel like a wet sponge, unable to soak up any more new information. 

You have to protect yourself if you want to be able to help anyone else. Fill your own cup first. Here are some ways you can unwind, unplug, and destress:

🔸Sleep as much as you can (take Valerian Root, Melatonin, Chamomile tea as necessary).

🔹Drink lots of warm water. Learning and holding space for others is “thirsty work”. 🔸Unplug for a day or a weekend. Put your phone on airplane mode, delete social media apps, tell all the usual texting buddies you’re taking a day offline. Come up with things to do or a schedule beforehand, so you don’t feel succumbed to check your phone. This can include reading, coloring coloring books, hiking, etc. (My summer reading list includes book on How to Be the One to Meet the One and Book of Soulmates.) 🔹Exercise. Even just walking around helps. (Try my Plank Challenge e-course to tone your whole body.) 🔸Get out in the sun. Go to the beach to walk, sit, or have a picnic.  🔹EFT. Do tapping on your karate chop on your hand, your collarbone, or top of your head. (This video at 26:50 talks about tapping and goes through a round or two to show how it’s done.) 🔸Give and get lots of hugs and cuddles from those you’re quarantined with. If you’re quarantined alone, hugging yourself or a soft pillow or a pet is next best thing.  🔹Give yourself time and space to get through tasks. No more than one important task a day. Don’t put more things on your plate. Do what needs to be done but Don’t agree to more meetings, calls, events than you can mentally take on. 🔸Watch light romcoms, have fun conversation, or just read punny jokes to get a much needed laugh. Keep things light. (Watch my two latest short romcoms here.) 🔹Eat comfort foods but keep them healthy. If you’re going to have a burger, get it lettuce wrapped. 


Stay safe and sweet,

Valeria ❤️

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Sep 21, 2021

Thank you for wrriting this

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