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3 Quick Tips For the Most Romantic Proposal

Day 11: 14 Days of Valentines. You know this person is the one and you are ready to take the leap of faith.

That leap of faith can be a hand and heart proposal, but it could also be telling someone you love them for the first time, asking them to move in with you/together/somewhere, etc.

I'm using "them" and not "her" in case you're a strong independent woman, Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride (that proposal scene is iconic), or there really isn't a "her" in your relationship. All that matters is that you're reading this and you're ready to take the next step,

So what's the best way to propose?

How: Know Your Person's Likes and Dislikes
  • Are they more of a homebody or are they outdoorsy?

  • Do they like surprises or do they have to know everything?

  • Are they introverted or extroverted?

  • What are they super into? Hobbies?

Where: Do Not Be Selfish

We all know those proposals at the stadiums. No, they are not romantic unless you both are die-hard sports fans. Please don't do it for yourself and do it for them. Would they want to be proposed to there or is it where you want to propose? A minute of fame and everyone's eyes on the big screen aren't worth spending a precious intimate moment you should rather have among your loved ones. (I will allow you Facebook live and filmed proposals, because those are neat, even though everyone is watching. Also, you kind of have to share if it's something elaborate, intricate, and future-generation interesting.)

Why: Think of Their Unique Qualities

What makes them "them"? How are they different from everyone else? Write it down. And then tell them in person. Or write it in a card if you're going to lose it before getting all of your words out. But tell them why you've chosen them. Why they're the coolest person in the world. Why they are your favorite.

Ultimately, just let them know that you know them. Let them have this day. Put a smile on their face because of how thought through this was. Leave no doubt in their mind that you are the one that takes their worries away, considers and respects them, pampers them, and will cherish them.

Good luck!

Let me know @ValeriaSweetOfficial if you've learned something you could implement or any questions you have!

Stay sweet,

Valeria ♥

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