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What It Means To Be a "People Lover"

Day 3: 14 Days of Valentines. This is my open letter, my essay on loving people.

It is important to meet, do things together, work on something, create - not because we're physically attracted to the individuals, but because we are attracted to their spirit, to their soul. It is so important to come together as people and not separate ourselves into genders, marital status, etc. It means to not constantly be searching for a mate and not disregard a person if they are unavailable/can't do something for you. Only then we will really accomplish something great.

Have you been in a conversation with someone and got so connected to their soul that you forgot what they look like?

Instead of wanting to kiss them, you want to pick their brain. You know they are beautiful, but it takes certain concentration for you to see their face again, even though you've been facing them for hours. You forget their features, their perfections and imperfections, the color of their skin, their accent, where they're from. You are so in the flow of becoming one, being united, that the world disappears, and it's not sexual. And once you concentrate on their face again, you think, "My, you really are gorgeous inside and out."

You've been so affected by them and they were affected by you. You get connected to their mind, their caring nature, their intelligence, their dreams. You are on the same wavelength. "We should do this!" "Yes, and this too!"

You "yes, and" each other and the snowball of wonderful ideas bouncing off each other turns into grandiose plans!

This is your person. Your new best friend. Your new favorite person. They bring out the best in you and you feel inspired and motivated and loved! You feel so alive! You could care less if they "like you, like you" because you already love them and you are in a partnership. You don't have expectations, you give yourself, your mind. There is give and take, and wonderful things are about to come true!

Send that love outward. Love others. Send them love. Bless them.

And if they like you back, that's great, but don't depend on anyone's love. It's more important to love others than get external validation. If you have love to give away, it means you have everything inside you to be happy. You are overflowing with joy! And don't worry, it will all come come back to you, just maybe not from the same people. Remember, you have your family, your friends. You already have people in your life that love and support you, so you don't NEED that from anyone else. Love first, everything else is secondary.

That is what happens when we meet "the person" and not "the girl", "the person" and not "the guy".

Bigger and better things come into play when you are not attracted to any certain outcome and are open to meeting wonderful human beings.

Wishing you lots of soulmates, best friends, best partners, best partners in crime, and all the marvelous creations that you will make together!


Let me know in the comments below or @ValeriaSweetOfficial if you are a people lover or if you now will be!

Stay sweet,

Valeria ♥

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