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6 Steps to a Happier Day

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Everyone from time to time wakes up with not-so-good thoughts. But it's how we deal with it that makes the day or breaks it.

You know when you wake up fuzzy-brained and strange thoughts start creeping in? You're dependent on what other people think of you, someone ghosted you, nobody loves you, life is hard, you've been running in the same place all along, or whatever else might be going on in your head? It has nothing to do with you and everything with how you deal and react to what you're dealt. 

Let's go through the following steps.

1. Close your eyes as you lay in bed and meditate or pray about your situation, that person, or yourself. Bless them and ask for them to be blessed. Send them joy, happiness, and success in life. If they're not worried, they are not worrying you. Ask for them to be ridden of their demons and problems. Then, ask for forgiveness and forgive yourself. Ask to be blessed for this new day so you can figure out your own life and whatever else you may need from the universe, the source, God. 

2. Get up.

2a. If you're still having lingering thoughts, journal about them (not in bed). Write it all out. Let it all out on the paper. 

(If you really did feel better after the meditation, you can go on to the next step.)

3. Warm up some water and drink a glass or two. (Bonus points if you have a lemon slice to put in your water.)

4. Work out. Whatever you have around the house, use it. You can do planks, squats, jumping jacks, ride a bike, etc. Anything that makes you go hard at it for 20-45 mins. Relax and give in to the exercise. Concentrate and focus on your body, your heartbeat, your breath. Make it known you are doing your best and you are showing up for yourself. This is your second and different kind of meditation. Take your mind off yourself and onto achieving your body's best. 

5. Eat an easy and simple vegetarian meal without much sugar. Maybe it's a green smoothie, omelet, salad, meat substitute, avocado toast, cheerios with coconut milk and bananas, oats with mixed berries, etc. (Bonus points if no dairy or white bread, which can cause more fuzzy brain and bloated stomach.)


6. Check in with how you feel and what you feel like doing. The day might become your self-care day, but don't fall into guilty pleasures of binge watching TV, scrolling through Instagram, or reading comments on Facebook. See what your easiest tasks on your to-do list are. Is it getting shoes you haven't had time to get or going through your closet to see what you were going to give away or sell? Maybe you are finally in a mood to finish that project you were working on. Maybe you decide to start the project you've been wanting to do for so long but didn't find the time? All of a sudden you get more energy, inspiration, and motivation. You are now going for a task that will better your life or career!

Unproductive mind turned into productive after all! That's great! Notice how you went from a place you didn't want to be in to a better thought, then feeling. As you continued the process and your body followed, all of a sudden you became the master of yourself again. You CAN control your mind and motivate yourself. Go you! 

You can substitute or add these ways to calm your nerves and quiet the nagging voice in your head throughout the day:

  • drink camomile, ginger, or any of the caffeine-free teas plain, or with a spoonful of honey

  • breathe deeply and exhale longer

  • walk around outside

  • call your parents/siblings or a close one you haven't heard from in a while to ask how they are

  • shift your focus off you by helping someone else with the same problem or a completely different problem

  • look at your life from aside and count your blessings in a gratitude diary

  • listen to inspirational music with inspirational words and more of an upbeat (leave slow sad sappy songs for another time, I know, I like those too)

If none of those help today, remember, it's a bad day, not a bad life. Tomorrow is a new day and a chance to start over.

If you know anyone this article could inspire or help, please share it with your friends. Let's help one another because it happens to everyone!

Let me know in the comments below or @ValeriaSweetOfficial if you've learned something you could implement or any questions you have!

Stay sweet,

Valeria ♥

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