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Welcome to Day 3 - Energy!

Video Transcript: You might not be earning more or things aren’t changing fast enough and in the way you want to because you don’t have the energy in your life.


Things like unfinished business or doing things you promised but don’t want to do are sucking the life out of you. Write down a list of all the things sucking your energy that you need to quit or put away. Close tabs on your computer, pay credit card debt or loans off, text someone back, make or move around appointments, chase up money. Do some of these things every day until you eliminate time and energy suck. Close credit cards you don't use and owing anything to anyone (unless you're about to buy a house or a car).


Don’t give free advice or teach people what to do. Don’t correct people just to be right. Is it worth your time and energy? Every time when you give free advice, understand that your money was there, because it’s your expertise.


Maybe it's your relationship that sucks the energy, maybe comfort foods that aren’t healthy for you, no room on your computer or phone, doing everything yourself instead of hiring out?


Find ways to free up your time, the real estate in your head. If you’re spending way too much time worrying about something, it has to go.


Consolidate credit cards, automate payments, stop saying "yes" to things you don’t want to do. Clear your schedule. Get a hard drive to transfer your photos and videos to. Get a cleaner or batch things like meal prep or making content, so you unlock more energy within you. 

What gives you energy?
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