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Valeria Sweet is an actress, director, and producer in Los Angeles, living out her childhood dream. In the last 14 years she's worked on a multitude of films, commercials, and music videos. You've seen her featured on You're the Worst, New Girl, Mayans MC, Jane the Virgin, Grandfathered, 2 Broke Girls, etc. Projects she's produced won Burbank International Film Festival, Los Angeles Movie Awards, US Hollywood Int'l Golden Film Award, Las Vegas International Film and Screenwriting Festival, etc. - Go to Valeria's IMDb.

In addition to scripted content, Valeria is a published author of three self-help books - Check Out Books on Amazon.

How We Can Work Together:

+ Are you a director, producer, filmmaker, casting director, writer, or podcaster? Would love to work together on your next project! Valeria's acting materials can be found on ActorsAccess and IMDb. To reach Valeria - Email

+ Are you a producer or investor? We make micro-low budget features with star names for Oscar-qualifying film festivals and distribution. Would love to make a film with you! Join us in producing a slate of features from soulmate dramas to mystery action thrillers - Contribute to our latest film HERE or Email to find out about the slate of projects!

+ Are you an up-and-coming actor, writer, or producer ready to manifest your dream of making a film? We'd love to help you direct or produce your project! Email and we'll direct, produce, cast, and crew up for your film!

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Currently in Post-Production. Watch Trailer and Support by Contributing.

Two young Hollywood co-stars' new romance blossoms amidst the backdrop of the pandemic, changing their lives forever.

Written by Valeria Sweet.

Starring Valeria Sweet and Phillip Andre Botello.

Accolade Highlights: Second Rounder, ScreenCraft Film Fund Spring 2022; Quarterfinalist, Filmmatic - Pitch Now Screenplay Competition

Mystery Drama.

This 10-episode series' pilot script is being turned into Valeria's 4th book to be published in 2023. Watch Trailer now.

A group of teens decide to contend for the inheritance of a mysterious owner of an old Victorian property, and as they dig deeper they find that everyone in their town is somehow connected to the Last Will.

Written by Valeria Sweet.

Romantic Dramedy based on Valeria's book The Most Wanted One In the World: How to Be "the One" to Meet "the One."

Watch the Pitch Pilot now and Contribute if you'd like to see 8 more episodes!

Elle, the charming love life coach great at solving all relationship troubles, gets tangled when it comes to her own love life.

Written by Valeria Sweet.

Starring Valeria Sweet and Phillip Andre Botello.