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Welcome to Money Superflow!

VALERIA SWEET Money Superflow

“I bought the course in full and the same week I got an influx of work that not only paid for the course, it paid for my rent and bills that month! Basically it was free! This course has helped me manifest more money than before!”

-Money Superflow-er

Imagine making all of your Childhood Dreams a reality... Want to live in your favorite city, have a dream house, work with celebrities or your dream team, wake up to your dream person, have a happy family, your work be Joyous every day, have a dream amount of money in the bank, see the world on dream vacations, etc...!

It’s never too late! If you feel there’s something more, allow yourself to receive what it is you want! You're worth it! Let's do it together with Money Superflow!

Money Superflow is a digital course that helps you manifest your dreams + more money through upleveling your mindset, energy, and action. The 5 simple steps involve creating your dream, decluttering for your dream, working on your energy levels, your circle, and taking inspired action.


The course comes with lots of bonus pre-recorded workshops and videos, and any updates and additions to the course for the life of the course.

Avoid fees by sending $555 to:


+ Zelle

+ Send to Friends and Family

+ Venmo @Valeria-Sweet

+ Cash App $ValeriaSweet


Payment Plan:


Pay in 4 interest-fee payments through PayPal Later when checking out on this website




For any questions, please email



Q: Do you recommend payment plan?

A: I recommend paying in full because that's how I pay for courses. One and done, I don't have to worry about keeping up with payments. What I know is when you take a leap of faith and invest in yourself, it sends the message to the Universe that you're ready to invest in your future and take yourself seriously. Have you heard the saying that money comes once you know what you need it for? Once you spend the money on what you want, it sends opportunities and clients to make that money back. That's how you always have enough, and now we're going to work on your Money Superflow! There is no right or wrong, so pick whatever payment plan is right for you!

Q: What if I don't know what my creative path or business idea is yet?


A: That's so exciting! Then this is the right course for you! That means you are going to trail-blaze in this course! I felt the same when I couldn't figure out how my artistry, acting, filmmaking, writing, and coaching connected. It's okay, we'll figure it out together! I salute you and can't wait to help you get more clear on your path!

Q: What if I don't consider myself an entrepreneur?

A: Do you consider your creative venture a hobby or would you like to make money from it? If you make money from your creative path, you are an entrepreneur! Believe me, I didn't want to be in "business" either. I didn't think I knew anything about business, understood anything about business, and I was definitely never going to be a business owner! But you have to be a little bit of that if you want to help more people and make more money. Being in business for yourself is actually pretty cool. For instance, you have a book or a painting and someone just paid you to read it or to hang it in their living room. Isn't it cool? Now you're in business.

Q: This is not the right time for me financially, personally, etc.

A: If you're reading this, it means something about this opportunity triggered you, and that means you have to JUMP! When something is spotlighted for you, you have to take immediate action or it will take much longer to do. Do you want to change your life? There's never the right time, that's why the best and most perfect time is NOW! We don't know what tomorrow brings and if we even have it. And if we do, a year from now you'd wish you started today. Obviously an Empire isn't built in a day and every success isn't actually overnight, but imagine that you start today - in a few weeks, months, or a year, you will polish up your idea and it changes lives! The clarity that comes with polishing a draft already created is priceless.


One of my favorite quotes, "The time will pass anyway." How do you want to spend it? Investing in yourself is the best way. I've never regretted anything I spent on myself because I've learned and gained so much more than I spent! Plus, I knew if I paid for it, I'd for sure show up for myself. Think of it as if you have a private trainer rather than just working out by yourself. Plus, you get to write it off as a business expense. Win win! (But consult with your accountant first, ;)

What the students are raving about:

"Love all that you are doing and inspired by who you are. Your manifestations happen! I’m focusing on my play script with my dramaturge because as you stated Getty Villa want to offer me a two week residency for the play so I’m working on what they asked in script and building my theatre company!"


"Thanks to the manifestation techniques in this, I saved over $15k when I've never saved before!"


"I used to be comfortable $5000 in debt, but now $10000/month is my new minimum!"


"I saved $27k so far and my savings doubled in the last three months! This stuff works!!!"


"I interviewed with a new site today! I was inspired by you to give myself the green light!"


"I wish this course was available years ago! Would've saved me thousands of dollars in therapy!"


"Valeria's course has given me an action plan I needed to proceed instead of sitting on my dreams."


"'Work on your own' pace really worked for me. I liked that each module rolled out every week but I could return and rework any section many times."




For any questions, please email

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