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Want to live your life to the fullest? Where I'm about to take you, there are so many possibilities! It's called following your dreams. If not now, when? Let's finish that book, script, film, album, artwork, portfolio, submission you've been working on!


Hi! I'm Valeria Sweet and I'm a dreamer and a doer, which makes me a high-achiever. And I'd love to show you that you can be, too! I'm an Award-winning Actress, Award-winning Producer, Showrunner x2, Published Author x2, Print Model + Maxim Cover Girl Quarter-finalist, Award-winning + Exhibited Artist, and a BFA + Double Major holder, and more! Join me for my monthly Productivity Party, because if you really want something, you'll do anything to make it happen! And here is the easiest way -- an effortless and efficient next step in your life, career, and dreams!


Spend productive group calls with me as we dig into goal-setting, planning, scheduling, and implementing productivity tools. Write the questions in or ask them on the call! Each month will have a Motivating theme to get to know your strengths and get closer to your goals with accountability and tracking progress.


Can't wait to have you on our Intro to Productivity, Goal Setting, and Planning on call Monday, August 31st! Follow up group Accountability call will be September 14th. (All calls will be either in a private Facebook group, which you can access already! All calls will have replays for anyone who can't make it on the day and you can ask follow-up questions.)

Group Call Schedule:

(Dates subject to change)


August 31st -- Intro to Productivity, Goal Setting, and Planning group call 

September 14th -- Follow up group Accountability call 


September 28th -- Productivity/Goal Setting group call 

October 12th -- Follow up group Accountability call 


October 26th -- Productivity/Scheduling group call

November 16th -- Follow up group Accountability call 


November 30th -- Productivity/Planning group call

December 14th -- Follow up group Accountability call 


December 28th -- Productivity/Goal Setting group call

January 11th -- Follow up group Accountability call