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Welcome to Step 1 - Create Your Dream Life!

Video transcript: First step is to decide on a clear dream or goal and you’ll start drawing it to yourself.


Write it down in the present tense and try to employ as many visuals and senses as you can. For example, “I’m driving oceanside to my beach home in San Diego in my baby blue Porsche, with my sexy partner by my side.” Or, “I’m a famous Oscar-winning Actress, and I make millions of dollars per film while traveling to island destinations.” Or, “I own a multi-million dollar company that makes money through passive income, so I can help others live the life of their dreams.”


Insert your dream here and dream big! How much money? Which car? What house? What kind of partner? What kind of travel? What would you like? Also think of how you will feel when you get to your destination or accomplish your goal. What does it look like there? What does it feel like? What’s the temperature? What sounds do you hear? What materials are you around that you can touch? What can you taste? What’s the scent? Close your eyes and imagine and feel yourself being there already, having what you want. Breathe in to take this experience in.


Then, write down this goal by posting it up everywhere - in your home, car, purse. Leave post-it notes in all your cabinets, on the fridge.


Set reminders on your phone to be reminded of your dream constantly.


And to anchor in this dream even further, make a simple Vision Board or a map of pictures of the things from your written dream that have to do with your goal. Vision Board can be physical or digital. You can paste it in your notebook or you can insert photos into Notes on your phone.


Whatever you end up doing is a great start - basically, throw everything at it and you’re in business! 

Pick Your Biggest Dream
Use Affirmations
Focus with Be/Do/Have Exercise
Inspiring Dream Vs. Unmotivating Goal
Immerse Yourself in the Dream Life
Be More Specific
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