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Visionboarding Workshop

Dream Life Workshop AudioValeria Sweet
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  • Every week ask yourself what you truly want and write it down.

  • Every week you will get more clear on your wants, needs, and your "why."

  • Every week you do a version of the Be/Do/Have exercise.


Why? So you can get there faster! 

Writing down your goals solidifies that's where you're going.

Getting more clear on what you want means you're focusing on you and not what other people are doing or want for you.

Sometimes we think we want a bunch of things, but don't actually want to work for them. That means we don't actually want them - cross them off your list and ask yourself what you want again. 

Doing a Be/Do/Have exercise periodically will make you see which things feel like a drag, too far off, not worthy of you anymore, etc. You may start with a full list in week 1 and end up with just a handful of things at the end of week 4. It's okay to change your mind! Actually, it's better, so you can focus on those handful of things. 

Be brave! Be you! 

Visionboarding Masterclass!

Visionboarding Workshop AudioValeria Sweet
00:00 / 1:41:51

4 Minute Visionboarding Recap!

Ideal Day Exercise

Ideal Day ExerciseValeria Sweet
00:00 / 21:10

Productivity with Ease Workshop!

Productivity AudioValeria Sweet
00:00 / 33:56

Start + Monetize Your Business in ONE Day!

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