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I've always loved people. Whether talking to them, spending time with them, or just being around them. I've loved tête-à-tête coffee meetups as much as being at big parties. What can I say? I am a people lover.

I'm Valeria Sweet and for the last fifteen years everyone has come to me with their life and relationship questions seeking advice. Starting out, I felt like a pretty grown up teen giving advice to everyone from peers to those in their late twenties! I guess I've always had this sort of maturity about me and a confidante quality. As time went by, I was able to help many different people of different ages.


In school, I've taken psychology and sociology classes, and on my own, I've studied interaction, communication, and people in general. Psychology of relationships always interested me. I've noticed people had similar things that they would talk about in their life and love. All they wanted was to be with the right person and for their goals and dreams to come true.


I believe everyone has potential and I help develop that potential because I want you to experience happiness and success! I am your biggest cheerleader and I can't wait to acknowledge your outstanding accomplishments and stellar performance!


I'm a listener who will make you comfortable within seconds and will give you my most genuine, attentive, comforting, and objective self.

Valeria Sweet by Jeff Boger
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