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The Secrets to Acing Any Interview or Audition

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

I already had a suspicion that this year was going to be huge, but I didn't know the extent of it.

I'm calling this year the "Pivot Year" because it's the most life-changing year I've seen! Can you feel it? More and more people are growing tired with their current situations and are actually starting to believe that there is more for them. They are starting to understand that it shouldn't be so hard. They are actively seeking out new possibilities, making their own opportunities, and going for it!

Is this you? Then I am soooo proud of you!

After all,

The first step is to notice, recognize, and observe you're not happy where you are to actually get to where you're supposed to be. (Click here to Tweet this!)

I got so many amazing news this week! So many in my inner circle got new jobs (CONGRATS!) and others seem to be looking to transfer fields! Yes, it's taken some of them a few years to get there, but they never stopped looking.

It takes a while sometimes from the thought to conception of the idea into reality. It depends on how open you are to change and how easy it is for you to take a leap of faith. (Click here to Tweet this!)

You have to weigh pros and cons, get prepared to think of other possibilities, then start acting on them, and then receive what you deserve and no less. But once you decide, there's no stopping you1

It's like one of my friends said to me before, "I did a big thing the other day, I completed the online interview for a position."

If you're not happy somewhere, go ahead and do that.

Ditch the research and take the first step. (Full disclosure, I would never tell you to quit your current job, you can apply to a new one without doing that.)

If you're in the same boat and are searching for a new job, whatever your boat may look like (job interview, audition, meeting prospective clients or casting directors, new collaborators, etc.), I want to share my tips for being more comfortable and confident, if you've previously thought of these things like pulling teeth.

[Whereas I can't guarantee that you will be hired/cast because there are multitude of decisions that go into that process, I can guarantee that you will feel more at ease going in, more prepared, and more yourself. You might not get this particular job (release the outcome right now), but you will get experience doing it differently. View it as a free trial. The difference will show by how you approach things and that difference will show in you. You will practice it this time, and who knows, you might get it! And if not this one, you will get the next. You just have to still want it.]

Here are my interview tips that have helped the people I've coached get the jobs they loved and have helped me get jobs, callbacks, and to get cast.

Please share this post with your friends and loved ones so that you can impact their life too!

Ready? Lights, Camera, Action!

How To Ace Your Job Interview

  • Be/act confident, as if you've already gotten the job. Act like you're talking to your co-workers instead of potential employers. Feel comfortable, as if you're at home there. If you need to, borrow my persona for the day or anyone you look up to. What Would They Do? Would they love being there? In the room? Of course! What a great opportunity to show yourself!

  • Stand up/sit up straight. It is a powerful stance and will assure them you want to be there and aren't playing small. You deserve to be there! They want you there, which is why you got asked to come in!

  • When appropriate, smile more, be friendlier, and be your charming self. Remember, people want to work with people they like, not just the best workers on paper. People do hire sometimes on personality and attitude alone. Let that "sometimes" be today!

  • If they ask you if you have any questions, YES, YOU DO! Make sure to ask something about the company you've researched, so they know you did your homework and you're interested in their company as much as they are interested in you. Maybe ask a question from a list of valuable attributes you want your dream job to have.

  • Don't be in any hurry. Relax. Have fun. Enjoy being there! You are one of the hundreds or thousands that submitted!


Let me know in the comments on Instagram @ValeriaSweetOfficial which interview tip you liked the best or if you have any questions!

Stay sweet, Valeria ♥


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