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Reach Your Dream Faster with This Simple Step!

None of us want the same thing for the same reason. Isn't it wonderful? Let's celebrate it! As many people as there are, there are just as many dreams.

That's why it's okay to voice your wishes and goals. Don't 'not' tell someone what you want because you're afraid your wishes won't come true, you'll appear too ambitious, or someone will 'steal' your dream. They will give up before they reach it because it's not THEIR dream! Only you have the passion and motivation to keep going because you have your 'why'. Don't you? If not, really think about Why you want what you want! And then TELL PEOPLE YOUR DREAM!

The more people you tell, the easier and faster it will come true! You will have the accountability because people will ask how your dream is doing and they will root for you! When I put together a project, I think of all the people who told me what they want to do or be. "I want to AD." "I want to be a cinematographer." "I want to learn about lighting." "I want to act." "I like romantic films." Whatever it is, it's so beneficial to know what people like and want, so that you get involved with people who are on the same wavelength.

People want to know your dreams so they can help you reach them! When people know where you're aiming, they'll help you reach your dreams. They'll connect you to the people you need to meet, projects you need to work on, and they'll be inspired to watch you go and get there!

If you keep getting job offers or help that's not in line with what you want, it means you're either not clear on your goal or not honest with people about what you want to do. "I want to do everything!" isn't the answer they're looking for! Don't be surprised when they're surprised you all of a sudden want the 'dream B' when you said you wanted the 'dream A'. If they haven't seen the work you've done for dream B, you need to show the work for dream B!!! :) It's that simple.

Sometimes we're afraid to say what we're striving towards because we're afraid we'll change our path and then we'll appear flakey to others. "I thought you said you wanted this and now you're doing that?" SO WHAT? You should experience life. All of it. Want to be an artist? Godspeed! Want to go back to school after? Sure, why not? And after that you'll become a marine biologist, and after that teach some kids English in another country? Hooray!

Choose a direction and let it lead you. You're allowed to change course, and it's so easy when you're already sailing. But you have to go for it! (Click here to Tweet this!)

People will be curious about what you'll do next and how awesome that you have so many interests and aren't afraid of failing. It's SO cool!!

So be honest about what you want! No one reads minds! And if you do, what am I thinking? ;)

Tell people your dreams. Go for it. Connect. BE NICE. Love. Repeat.

Want to know my big dreams? I want to be a Showrunner with my own series picked up on ABC, FOX, CW, Freeform, Lifetime, Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu. Will you watch it? :) Through that, I want to impact people and inspire them to reach their goals and live their dreams (especially young women who need the big sister I didn't have!) I want to promote diversity and continue working with my friends (and the wonderful people I am yet to meet) on a bigger scale. And I'm so excited for it all to happen because I can see it coming true so clearly! :D


Let me know in the comments on Instagram @ValeriaSweetOfficial what your dream is and if you have any questions!

Stay sweet,

Valeria ♥


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