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How to Succeed at Mercury in Retrograde

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

This week we entered Mercury in Retrograde as the New Moon in Pisces emerged. So for about three and a half more weeks our technology, communication, and travel plans will be tested.

Valeria Sweet by Matt Bell
Mercury in retrograde refers to the appearance of Mercury moving in reverse to our planet as it moves slower than the Earth. It's a technical illusion. Astrologically, it's responsible for miscommunication, travel delays, and tech mishaps. It happens for about three weeks three times a year.

Whether you believe in Mercury in Retrograde or not, things are going to happen. When you look back on the dates of the retrogrades, can you recall if technology failed you without explanation? Plans got mixed up? Wires got crossed in communication? A project you signed a contract for fell through?

I didn't really believe in it until last year my computer wouldn't recognize a hard drive that my freshly filmed short was on. It took months to get the footage back from the DP who was in another country (the files were huge and required me to manually download them one by one). Also during the same retrograde, one of my directors lost four days of edits of a project.

Just a couple of days ago I was writing a script and even though I was so sure I've been saving my work all along and so was the program (looking at you, Final Draft), the program crashed and lost a page worth of dialog. Luckily I still remembered what I wrote, just not how I wrote it. So try to be really gentle with yourself during this time.

No, you shouldn't fear the retrograde, but you should know what plan of action to take or not to take during the time. Really do create more space this month to fall back on instead of plans. It's a good time to get back to old projects instead of creating new ones. Do some rewrites. Back up your work. Save often. Don't sign any contracts (if you must, triple check them) or start any new big projects.

It's the time to reflect on your plans, organize, clean up. Interestingly, you will take negative news a lot more lightly than usual, be they breakups or rejection letters. Allow space between your tasks, meetings, assignments. Take a breather, stretch, go for a walk. Don't take more information in. Relax. Meditate. Look at the clouds. Journal. Be present with yourself.


Let me know in comments on Instagram @ValeriaSweetOfficial if you've learned something about taking care of yourself during the retrograde or any questions you have!

Stay sweet,

Valeria ♥

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