Welcome to Your Dream Life!

  • Want to live a care-free life, cure anxiety, and find confidence?

  • Have all the time in the world to do what you want?

  • Looking to make your dream amount of $$?

  • Always have time for self-care?

  • Have a soulmate relationship?

  • Build your own empire?

  • Do what you love?


Dream Life is a Balanced Life where you feel like a Million (or ten million) Bucks! YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL! And I have an ALL-in-1 course you've been looking for!

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Within 6 weeks of the course you'll go from feeling lackluster to living your Dream Life in the now!

You will:

+ begin to heal anxiety, blocks, trauma

+ start trusting your vision and stop outsourcing opinions about your life

+ take inspired action you're excited about and say 'no' to everything else that make you paralyzed with fear or perfectionism

+ clear up your focus, clutter, relationships, and language

+ begin manifesting the right opportunities, soulmate relationships, your dream place to live (country, city, area), your dream career

+ feel more elated, happy, grateful, without a care in the world

But first you have to decide - what do you actually want?

Hi, I'm Valeria Sweet! I moved to US from Russia, to Downtown Los Angeles from North Carolina, and married a guy from my favorite band (10 years together!). ​I like to make films and help you live out your Dream Life. I'm so passionate about it because if I knew then what I know now... I'd been even more clear about what I want, so I'd get it even faster :)

But I didn't always live like this.
I know what it's like to wash and mend clothes by hand, to function in an environment where you don't speak the language, to witness a divorce as a kid and its consequences, etc.
I might not have experienced the same things as you, but thanks to my bicultural upbringing, I can understand wherever you're coming from.
I started manifesting when I was 8, and today I've worked with all of my favorite stars and directors, written two books, won awards for acting and producing! I've been a life coach since I was 14 (!) and have taught Visionboarding and Manifesting for the last 6 years!
I love God, people, and life very, very, very much! And I can't wait to support you on your way to your $Million Dream Life!
What the students are raving about:

"I wish this course was available years ago! Would've saved me thousands of dollars in therapy!"


"Valeria's course has given me an action plan I needed to proceed instead of sitting on my dreams."


"'Work on your own' pace really worked for me. I liked that each module rolled out every week but I could return and rework any section many times."


"Thanks to the manifestation techniques in this, I saved over $15k when I've never saved before!"


"I used to be comfortable $5000 in debt, but now $10000/month is my new minimum!"


"I saved $27k so far and my savings doubled in the last three months! This stuff works!!!"


Other students have met the love of their life and got married, pivoted 180 to start living their childhood dream, learned how to be happy in the present, realized they've already made their first million, found more million-dollar ideas, etc!

Email thesweetpost@gmail.com with any questions!